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Ne quidem mors nos separabit
Tu mihi omnia es
Tantum te
Mea Dea.

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[To: Dea
Need to see you for a minute, if that's alright. I'm at your floor's restroom hallway.
From: Rasheed]

A small tap to his phone as the screen dulled, and a small sigh heaved. It wasn’t much but he had a hunch when his mistress of the link nudged him, alerting him that his instinctual hint was true. And whatever caused it, no doubt isn’t something unfamiliar.

The sounds of slow foot steps approached— turning his silver eyes to be greeted by the sight of you, lips thinned as he only put his hand out, beckoning you over and though slow, he watched you come over within reach, where once you did, he in turn took closer steps to you, silently whispering as lashes started to veil over his hues and fingers were softly collecting at your jaw. “Six…. was it, this time..” 

A soft heaved sentence that had you pause for a moment though lips came first as his mouth softly enveloped yours and head tilted to the side in accommodation of the softened, yet calming kiss that touched your lips. “One…— two..” every kiss bestowed was tender, only a single sound pf lips parting and meeting as his voice softened more and more upon the increasing number, eyes watching you tenderly while his other hand squeezed yours, softly backing you to the wall before the final number came on his lips.

"….six." A softened exhale as he rested his forehead to yours, watching your expression before his smile came back, weaving gently in a sigh. "…Cherry blossoms. on your blog."

"Just thought now’s a good time to give them to you." 


Two baby Snow Leopards in Tallinn zoo, Estonia

Wager all of it,
put it all down on the line,
we are worth the bet.
I will be the dirt
if you will be seeds to me.
Watch what we can grow.

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