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Ne quidem mors nos separabit
Tu mihi omnia es
Tantum te
Mea Dea.

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Hearing his laughter, the finance major was more than aware that her beloved wasn’t believing her words so much when she told him that those girls were aiming for him. Surely, he might rub some of the people around him in a wrong way but it still didn’t change the fact that he was an attractive person, personality aside, of course, or else she would be called very biased to list every good traits she found about him. But he was quite oblivious that he has physical appeals, be it his appearance or his figure that was tall and just about the right built. Now, she had to pull her thoughts out of that subject before her poor mind delved too far into that area. But damn, wasn’t he a handsome fellow though, her lover?

Attention refocused to her lover as her eyes settled back to him, watching him putting her books into the compartment and her cheeks couldn’t help tint with a slight shade of pink when he proceeded to take her hand, laying a kiss to her knuckles, a gesture that had her reminded how he certainly is a British gentleman. A chuckle fell from her lips as she flashed him one of her confident grin, not one that appeared often but only in certain topics and subjects, this one included, strongly.


"Heh, don’t you worry about that." Her smile grew, a strong sense of pride welled up in her expression. "It’s something I can’t handle. Those women? Not even a challenge." That, she said proudly and confidently, showing so much of how firm and ready she was to take on any ‘challengers’ who are brave enough to declare their feelings for him. Before, with the certain manager of the swimming club, it was all a misunderstanding but now that things are clear and out in the open, she wasn’t averse in fighting for her stance next to him. As his lover and partner.

Well, she did get a little distracted watching him putting on his leather gloves and clearing her throat a bit while toying with her own hair. Damn, she could never get used to him doing that or biting the gloves with his teeth. Why was it looking so goddamn attractive and irresistible? There must be something wrong with her mind.

Her head tilted up as his gloved hands came to assist her with the clasps of her own helmet, smiling and nodding to him in her silent way of thanking him as she adjusted the item on her own head, smoothing her hair behind her back and untangled some of the locks. Eyes drifting back as she grinned brighter to his offered hand, one that she took so willingly and swinging her leg over the vehicle, mounting the bike and scooted closer to him, wrapping her arms tightly around his waist and settled there comfortably, the quirk on her lips grew in a trusting grin.


"Mmhm! All yours."

He couldn’t help the slight tint of color on his cheeks when he caught how you were more than ready to ‘fend’ off the competition— no doubt something he didn’t think was much of trouble if at all since he didn’t think he was much of an attention with the ladies but he wasn’t surprised at your answer. After all he had always loved that about you— how you were far pampered in your lifestyle and you weren’t afraid to stand your ground; a part of your strength that he felt shined quite a bit within you. No doubt it was part of your charisma that people always were attracted to you with he thought. A silent thought on his part as he chuckled softly, scratching his cheek shyly at your declaration.

Really, how lucky was he to have caught your eye the way he did— whatever it was that did at least. 

His hand tenderly clasped over yours as you received his offer— where your fingers perfectly settled into his hold, a tender squeeze where he couldn’t help but feel a need— a small feel that he wanted to protect the hand in his hold. Somehow that small touch reminded him that these small fingers were none other than ones belonging to the one he loves most.

That he has someone he loves most now.. Against all odds— he was found and loved by the one he loves most and somehow.. ah.. 

That felt.. really.. really nice. 

He chuckled as you chimed how you’re ‘all his’, something that had his heart skip a huge beat as it is and surely something that you didn’t realize you did to him; as per many of the tiny details that you do that made his heart pound like a beating drum. His hand softly adjusted yours to hold him tighter before placing his hand on the handle and with a swipe of his foot, he unhinged the hook from the ground, revving the handle in purr of the engine. 

"Hold on tight then." A small cautionary reminder before he smiled, where the vehicle then sped out of campus, certainly earning a small glance or two as it was no doubt the sight of the well-known couple on campus.

The only lady who ‘tamed’ the notorious Black Wolf— the only one he smiles at, so it seems.


It was a quick stop at the nearby cafe where the tanned male left you outside with the bike for a few minutes— assuring you he’d be quick and sure enough, it didn’t take long for him to appear with a few drinks and two servings of club house sandwiches— a specialty at this place and surely, happy to know your hankering where with a quick placing of the items in the usual compartment, you both were on your way again, where slowly you noticed the scene around you changed from a busy city area to lesser buildings. The air turned crisper, fresher where you did note the breeze felt nice on your skin, and no doubt had the tanned male smiling as he felt that it was certainly a perfect arrangement, wasn’t it? The weather was nice— not too warm and the cool breeze of spring was still at hand. No noises of the busy city life— only your warmth and the feel of your heart resonating to his own; truly, if there was a moment he felt was perfect, aside from the time he first kissed you— 

Then it’d be now.

Though ah— his silver eyes perked at the sight of the endless stretch of flowers— seemingly a whole field of lavender that sprawled on a small stretch and with spring at hand there was no doubt why he thought you of you when he saw this by chance just the other day.

"We’re here.!" He spoke a little higher in volume to beat the sound of the roaring engine, seemingly a little on the excited side now that it’s in view before he turned into the pasture, stopping the engine just by a large tree— seemingly its shade was at its full and certainly a perfect spot to stop by and enjoy lunch at. The vehicle came to a stop as he shut the engine and leaned the vehicle upon pulling the standing hook into gear, allowing the motor bike to rest before he turned, smiling in a small chuckle as he helped you unbuckle your helmet gently, then slowly lifting the headgear from your features for you to enjoy the view. How the endless touch of purple tinted your view and the fragrance of one of your favorite flowers filled the air. petals frequented as the breeze was strong, rustling the tree above you both in a small melody of spring. 

"When I saw this—" a small grunt as he removed his own helmet with a smile before his gloved fingers ran through his tousled locks, pushing a portion of his hair back as his smile softened, chuckling in a shy manner. "—.. I immediately remembered you mentioned that lavenders were your favorite, wasn’t it? I thought you might like to see this.." A small admittance as he gently held your hand, leading you to stand from the motorbike as he took out the food you both bought earlier, along with a small plaid mat he left in his bike, no doubt one he had at hand since his group goes on short expeditions and this always came in handy— thankfully it could be used now as well. 

He gently laid the mat, turning to you in a smile. “How is it..?”

"Do you like it?"


By Stephen J. Krasemann



There was that smile, ones hat had her heart pounding just a little louder than usual when she looked to him and saw how the quirk of lips on his face seemed to soften into that gentle grin she knew him so well for. It was a rare sight for others around them, but to her it was his signature smile that made her heart just melt so much. Really, how could he deny his own attractiveness like that? But to be honest, that was one of the things she loves about him, how oblivious he was to his own qualities sometimes. But as long as she was there to remind him that everything he did was making her fall more and more in love with him, then that’s more than alright.


"As much as I’m thrilled by the idea.." Her voice dipped a little, for sure indicating that she was just about to make a teasing or sarcastic comment as her free hand accepted the white helmet into her grasp, toying with it by spinning the inside a little. "..that means I’m going to get heck lots of glares from the girls, huh? Such trouble dating an honor student." Yeap, a tease alright as she flashed him a cheeky smile, squeezing his hand a little more.

Technically, it was the truth. But it wasn’t like she didn’t get looks and glances her ways most of the time anyway, having him as a lover. Though like heck she was going to let them bring her down, usually she just glared right back with a strong silent underlying tone of ‘He’s mine, back off.’

"Lunch huh…. hmmmm…" A mulling as she handed him her books, placing the helmet upon her own head and tapping her chin in thoughts. "Oh, club sandwiches! Can we get those? It’s been a while since I had them~”

He couldn’t help the series of bashful chuckles at his beloved’s jest in insinuation that she was getting the heat from the female audiences that were passing by them; something he just contributed to the fact that he was friends with one of the most— if not the most popular and frivolous ace in school. Well not that he can’t help it when the flamboyant blonde was the one that declared him the other’s friend and though a little too loud and outlandish for the honor student’s taste, even he could deny that the ‘White Prince’ of the school was a genius in his field so study time (aside form the obvious noise) was actually enjoyable. Though he does know that most of the ladies that approach him was just trying to get to his companion who was very friendly with them so he knew that most of them weren’t really there for him. There wasn’t much to look at and he wasn’t oblivious to how his demeanor scares or offends them but that was pretty much how he’d leave it.

After all, he gets mocked for his race and status as a non-local than he does people appreciating him for it. Or rather, he was just that oblivious that there were many of his admirers who were genuinely attracted to him but being a young man who had no interest in that field, much less thought all that much of himself for it to actually happen, he really thought that most of them weren’t approaching for him. Even if they did, he was no where near interested.

Not when he had this beauty by his side. 

"Well, love—.." He settled your books into the compartment before shutting it in a smile and in a small lean in, he took your hand where his lips pressed softly, making sure not many noticed his public display of affection that he just couldn’t help in retort to your tease. "— you tell me if that happens." Silver eyes kept upon you as his lips softened in its smile, wondering if you knew how much he adored you that to him, there was no other that existed to catch his eye the way you do. 

"…This humble honor student will ensure that those trouble lessen, so his beloved could have her peace of mind while riding with him." 

A small chuckle before he pecked your forehead and grabbed his riding gloves from his jeans’ back pocket, where he pulled it over his sturdy digits, gloving to a perfect fit as he tugged the hem at his wrist while biting the other in between his teeth and piercing silver eyes kept upon his work before repeating with the other. His lips smiled as he placed his dark colored helmet over his head, clipping it whilst you were pondering on today’s lunch menu and silver eyes lifted as his gloved fingers reached out, gently taking the smaller straps of your own helmet as you exclaimed that club sandwiches to be today’s hankering of the day. 

"Club sandwiches huh.." He chuckled. It was very much you— come to think of it, you did have those with him at the cafeteria the first time you both had lunch together too. Almost three years since he met you and still it felt like yesterday. His fingers finished its task, making sure the strap wasn’t too tight before he nodded in agreement. "Sounds good-" He chuckled before turning around and swinging his seat over the vehicle, straddling it as he revved up the engine, making a loud purring sound of the engine rumbled as he glanced over his shoulders in a smile. "-We can stop by at Gerard’s on the way out of town. Its not too far from the place I want to show you anyways.." Even through the thigh headgear you could tell he had that softened smile underneath where a he and reach out to you and a familiar phrase of familiarity resounded from his lips. 

"Shall we then, my Liolf?" 



The classes was over for the day and the finance major couldn’t be happier that she would get to spend the afternoon hours with a certain tanned male where she turned to her friends, bidding them goodbye and headed to their meeting point. Surely she was teased by the blonde male who groaned how she ‘abandoned’ them every time ‘that science major’ comes to pick her up and he was always the ‘priority’, earning a roll of eyes and a tap on his shoulder as she left the area.


"Mmhm~ All done.” It’s still only late afternoon, about three hours after mid-day where she hopped down the stairs and walked towards him, tilting her head. “And special spot? That means you aren’t going to tell me until we get there, right?” She said knowingly, flashing him a smile. “Do I get to ride with you or we’re walking there?”

His hand instinctively squeezed over yours, tightening as his smile softened in it’s appearance, a rare scene indeed for the usually stern and even daunting honor student. He was very well known for his ferociousness on campus after all— no doubt earning the two nicknames, one of which equated him a certain canine that surely bear resemblance to his personality— though even that was null and void in the presence of his other half.

"Ride." He answered simply in a gentle smile and his hand handed your unoccupied one with the familiar white headgear— one that he always gave you whenever you were to ride his motorcycle. Safety first after all. He didn’t waste time after— leading you out of the building and into the campus grounds where you both walked leisurely towards the open parking lot. It seems a lovely spring weather indeed to be enjoying a day out. "I found it the other day when I dropped by the next town to pick up some books for today’s class and i knew i had to show you." He chuckled, recalling how he was sure it’d bring a smile to your face and well, knowing how well you loved surprises, he couldn’t help himself after all.

Your smile is one of the things he loves best about you after all. 

His hand squeezed yours before he released it upon arrival to his vehicle, where he popped open the lid of the seat, settling his books in there before placing his hand out, offering to take your books as well.

”..You haven’t had lunch, right? I thought might as well make it a mini-day trip of sorts. We can grab lunch on the way there— anything you’re hankering for in particular, love?” 

A small clasp to your hand and a kiss to your temple was what found you as you were waiting for the tanned male; a usual feat after school hours and a routine meet or sure where you’d both head for something to eat then spending the rest of the time together and it seems today was no different. He wasn’t one that was showy in his ways of affection, to be sure (unbeknownst to him that with age that will soon change), but he does seem a little excited underneath his usual stream of stern and calm. A small smile acquainted his lips as your brown eyes met his silver ones, another hand clutching his books in sign that his classes were over as well.

"Ready to go? I have a special spot to take you to today, your classes are done for the day right?


This is how my husky likes to sleep on my bed




Shit. He saw. He definitely saw that. Shit, shit, shit! She would curse in four languages if she knew how to, but for now only English and her native tongue would have to suffice. SHIT! Those eyes. It didn’t help -at all- that her beloved’s eyes in his university years are already very piercing, so coupled with the way she could feel his veins popping inside of his head and the sharp silver hues that had hold her in place with just a glance had turned into a stare, a piercing glare that sent chills down her spine and told her that she was royally screwed. Why the timing of things!? She had browsed this website for million times, visiting that certain tag to fill up her queues and posts for so many times and why must she stumbled upon something so -suggestive- when her fiance was with her!? Just why!?

Oh God, oh God, her heart was practically ramming itself inside of her chest as he took away her laptop, her back now pressing to the bedhead as she scooted backwards almost warily, and that single call of her name instead of the usual pet name indicated that he was -dead serious-. Shit, she’s so dead right now— His words despite it was in his neutral tone (or she would argue, it was his ‘civil’ tone, kind of like that ‘plastic’ smile of his), she was being cornered— guided down to the bed where her back touched the soft mattress and he pinned her to the bed effectively. His eyes, oh fucking God— THOSE EYES… They were piercing as he hovered his form over her— Shit.


"O-Of course it was coincidence! I-I was browsing his tag! That’s all! I was just filling my queue with reblogs and all— The usual stuffs! I wasn’t searching for those kinds of images, God— I swear I wasn’t! I-It was pure chance and coincidence!" Bad timing, freakin’ worst timing ever for it to pop up! Good God! His face was so close and his lips exhaling words and hot breathing to her mouth, making her shiver and hand beginning to curl at the bedsheets below her.

And she just indirectly implied she filled up the queue with— Yeap. She’s screwed. So screwed. Rest in peace, Liolf.

Well certainly he could tell by your flushing cheeks and how your stuttering too a turn for the worse that he was hitting a nerve right there— seemingly you protested that it was mere, comical coincidence that the moment his silver eyes glanced to your screen it so happened to be a suggestive photo. Well not that it wasn’t too hard to believe, he knew how that particular site would have a wandering indecent image or two no matter what tag you were in—

Wait. You mentioned that you were filling your queue— a scheduled posting of things on your blog to ensure the acitivities are sound but, then that means… since you were in his tag. Ah.


You were filling your blog with that man’s photos huh.

Well of course he did notice this once in a while but he had assumed they were from the ones you found on your dashboard rather than you going into the said tag and well of course he knew you were very much fond of the soldier long before you were lovers with him but oh boy. Somehow the timing in realizing that sort of fueled that burning feeling within his chest. His hand that wasn’t preoccupied at your features dug slightly to the bedsheets though his eyes simply kept straight upon you as he replied calmly.

"So you were filling up your queues with his face." A conclusive statement rather than an inquiry— as though telling you that he got the complete picture from your words. "Hm. I see. Then that makes it simple then…—" his voice softly drifted as he shifted his form where you feel his knee nudging to the delicate clothed spot in between your legs, softly instructing them to part for what was to come, teasing you to feel that tinge of electrifying sensation shoot up your form though not as much as when his lips claimed yours in full; a tantalizing glide of lips as he parted his mouth, engulfing your own in a passionate kiss, not bothering to keep it quiet in the moans and hot breaths that spilled in between the strong liplock.

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Seriously, that kiss just had her mind going blank for a split second there and her lips burning from his touch and kiss. Damn, after almost two years and she still wasn’t used to him kissing like that or more like with him reverted to his younger years, the way he kissed and behaved was just a little more instinctual and unrestrained, unlike his normal self that seemed to have underlying maturity tinged in his touch. Though what didn’t change was the affection and love she felt from the touch of lips. Obediently, she allowed him to wedge himself between the bedhead and her, nuzzling her in between his legs where he had his body cradled her from behind, making her cheeks rise to a deeper colors.


"I-It’s… a bit sweeter than.. I remember." Was she talking about the kiss or the frostings? She didn’t even know anymore, good lord. That deep purr sent a stroke of shivers down her spine though as he brought a spoonful of the cupcake he bought earlier to her lips, she was just about to indulge him when he peeked over to her laptop, and just the right timing when a certain image had appeared on her dashboard as she scrolled down, browsing certain tag to fill up her queue.


Instinctively, she closed the website, more like the browser tab in speed of light, eyes quickly turning towards her beloved as though praying to whatever power above that he was looking at her and not her screen.


"N-Nothing! Nothing at all—" Real smooth, Liolf. Real smooth. Like heck he’d believe you when you stuttered.

Oh he saw.

He saw everything.

Definitely those silver eyes didn’t miss a bit as his gaze did turn from your features to your screen upon him asking if there was anything earlier and though you were fast, his eyes didn’t miss one bit of the image that was on your screen before you swiftly shut the application down and seemingly attempting to salvage a little on what just happened. It was one thing to see a picture of your ex-lover on your screen when he asked but it was another if it was…… unclothed in a provoking pose (despite tastefully covered, the mun would argue), he wasn’t too sure what would that be doing on your computer when he asked. After all, its been a while but he was still very much standing his ground, especially where that fellow was concerned. He wasn’t just some male after all— he was none other than the man who previously held your heart; a position he fought and earned after and surely he wasn’t too keen to see that face appearing out of nowhere. A denial was left past a stutter from your lips nonetheless, despite how the truth was definitely out.

His piercing glare didn’t leave your screen though the web window was no longer visible though he simply quietly settled the teaspoon filled cupcake and the confectionary itself to your bedside table without a word before he took your laptop and gently removing it from your lap and settling it on your bed as he spoke in an almost unsuspecting, yet dangerously quiet tone. “…..Liolf.” A direct call of your name as he slowly shifted himself to sit a little at your side, his movements timely as he spoke on. His tone, still in its neutral phase. “…Prey, might I ask, lest my eyes was just playing a disgustingly awful trick on me…”

He gently guided you to lay down straight on the bed as hands settled to each side of your features— your back flushed to the soft mattress as his piercing silver eyes kept upon you as he hovered over you. “Whatever.. could be the reason for that blonde soldier’s image be… on your screen earlier, mm?” His fingers softly toyed with your darker strands as he trailed them softly, grazing his finger tip to the shape of your jaw, ending at your chin in a tender guidance for you to tilt your expression, greeting his lips that were breathing softly over yours. A dominant air you knew him all too well for, and only one that surfaces upon the coming of a single emotion.


"….Was that just coincidence browsing… or was I interrupting you on you viewing another man’s bare body— that man’s bare body so nonchalantly?” 



As the night grew and time was passing by, the long haired brunette started to wonder where her beloved was given the time and how she had already resorted herself upstairs with her own laptop, but her fiance was still nowhere to be seen. Occupying herself with the usual lurking and browsing website, it was when she felt the bed dipped in slight that she lifted her head, about to inquire what her husband-to-be was up to and that was when she felt his lips pushed to hers, making her eyes wide and cheeks flushed to a deep red almost instinctively.


"—…!!" Wide eyes before they slowly dimmed as she tasted the sweetness of something pushing to her mouth, making her part her lips after a while and accepting the piece of confectionery in a small moan, leaving her breaths hitched from the ardent, melting kiss that resulted in her becoming breathless while their lips brushed against one another, her eyes dazed a little to open and meet his.


"H-Happy Easter…" Yeap, that’s all she has. What was she supposed to say after being frenched with a piece of frosting?! Look at that deep blush on her face. Oh God helps her. His face is way too close— why is he so damn attractive in his uni years— Actually, no. Why is he so attractive in any point in time?! JUST— KILL HER OR SOMETHING.

Well, he did notice how his younger self (reversion courtesy of his mun) had been having you a little more flustered than usual and what with tonight being the last night before he dons back his usual scarred self, he couldn’t help but tease you just a little more. Certainly the little ‘feeding’ he did to you had you blushing to full, fostering a chuckle from his lips as he kissed the corner of your lips in response. ”How does it taste? I got it at the grocers earlier.” A small casual informing he did before he gently coaxed you to scoot forward from your usual lean at the bed head, giving him enough space to sit right behind you. A comfortable nestle as his larger form enveloped your back and legs aligned aside yours as hands rested on your lap and his cheeks softly nuzzled to your hair.

"Just thought you’d like a little treat or two." He chuckled, finger picking up another of the frosting egg and slipping it past his own lips, chewing softly before snuggling to you in a deep purr; a canine trait that was unavoidable for the human vessel. Chin now settled to your shoulder as he kissed your neck, peeking at what you were up to— but ah, right.

He did bring up that small teaspoon, best eat the confectionary before it melts! Silver eyes gazed at his own hands where he gently scoop up a small mouthful of the cupcake, seemingly with chocolate filling and feeding it to your lips. 

"Ahn, Liolf." A small coax before he kissed your temple, delighted to be able to be with you for the night.

"Anything interesting?"