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Ne quidem mors nos separabit
Tu mihi omnia es
Tantum te
Mea Dea.

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You are the habit
that I will spend my lifetime
trying not to break.



She set her phone aside after reading the message, a small smile curving her lips though she was trying her best not to let her jealous run a little too much. After all, she knew that she could come off a little too cold or irritated when it wasn’t his fault that women approach him. Well, or at least she knew he didn’t even like that one bit so getting all huffy about it at him wasn’t going to make the situation better. But damn it, how she was very much jealous to know there are so many women making a pass at him even when he was wearing a ring. Even though she wasn’t that outwardly possessive, she kind of wanted to glare at them and telling them that the man they had their eyes on is hers.

As her thoughts drifted, that was when she felt the strong pair of arms, ones that aren’t as sturdy as she remembered but much stronger than hers nonetheless, coiling themselves around her form and his words that came with the kiss to her temple made her heart skipping a beat.


"Yeah… Just.. put the plate and all away." A small nod where her cheeks rose in color, heart already thumping as she brought a hand to clasp over his arms. "Hey there…"

It had his lips softly curl to a softer smile before they pressed to your cheeks next, eyes momentarily closing in imprint of your warmth and scent to his mind. Ahh.. no matter if his younger appearance was influencing his personality outwardly, nothing changed for him on the inside. He still yearned for you despite the proximity and his mind still wanders to where you are.

"Hey.." his voice whispered a soft greeting back before he gently loosened his arm around your shoulders, pulling a nearby chair and sitting right next to you, before his arms pulled you to his lap— thankful that no one was around given the time but he couldn’t help himself. How he let loose that small content sigh as your head was brought to his chest and his arms wrapped around your smaller form had him complete, finally losing some of that irritation that flooded him throughout the day. 

"…Sorry just…—" another press of lips to your cheek bones before his tone dimmed, silver eyes catching yours for a moment or two. "—…miss you.. a lot.." He blinked quietly— engaging with your own sweet hazels before he leaned in, knuckles grazing your cheeks as his mouth claimed yours softly, again and again in a timely fashion.

It took a while before he softly parted— eyes blinking back at you in concern as his fingers brushed your long strands from your features, tucking it neatly behind your ears.

"…Got quite a bit of work today huh. You look a little tired already.." 



Yeap, she was definitely jealous and reading her own message just confirmed to her that her beloved must already know that she was getting mildly (or majorly) irritated and jealous from the idea of so many women approaching him. The brunette sighed loudly, couldn’t be helped when he’s that good looking, she supposed. That, and with his younger years, the scars are gone so people are not as averse in approaching him. She knew he was attractive, and she was proud when people notice good things about him. But damn it, she was really jealous. Hmph. He’s hers… she just wanted to tell others that. Can’t they see he’s wearing a ring?


She paused for a moment after reading his message, glancing around her and noting that there aren’t any people other than her two seniors, both male. They were going to leave for lunch soon too, so it should be alright. She kind of wanted to see him…

[ To: Rasheed

Hmmm... okay. Others had mostly left anyway.. so why don't you come up? Just exchange your ID like you did last time. And enter the pin (xxxxx) to get into the office.

I'll see you in a bit then. ]

Hopefully she didn’t sound too short and curt with him, but damn, the jealousy is brimming.

His finger tapped quietly on the table as his other had a book open, reading (though not really) as his ear phones blared its music in a muffle though silver eyes only glanced over to his phone, counting the seconds until he saw it vibrate, making for a quick snatch as all that came was your answer— one that had him blink for a good moment before his smile came, a little wider than usual. He could feel his heart beating a little louder as he read your prompt instructions where he replied simply, before calling the waiter for to ask in reserve of his usual spot while he’s gone within the hour or two.

[To: Dea
I'm on my way up. Give me 10 minutes. Can't wait to see you
From: Rasheed]


Certainly wasn’t long indeed that the elevator in front of your office rang in a single call of the bell where upon open doors the tall, tanned male stepped out— silver eyes glancing to the side where the office doors were, and amidst the empty cubicles and desks he couldn’t help the slight smile that came as he spotted you at your usual spot, increasing his longing heart at it’s drumming. 


He glanced at his phone, recalling the pin-security number you told him as he keyed it in carefully before the glass door ajar in slight, allowing him to quietly slip in, walking around the desks as his silver eyes kept upon your back, wondering if you were as eager to see him as he did you. Silently he walked up to you and before you knew it, his arm wrapped around your shoulders carefully, squeezing in utter affection as he nuzzled to your hair slowly, kissing your temple. Sure enough though his words of greet were simple, the tender tone and the way he handled your form to his spoke how he was only satisfied that it was you. No one but you.


"…Finished lunch..?" 



Lunchtime was already upon them and most of her colleagues are heading out for lunch, somewhere she wasn’t really interested in so she declined their offer, telling them that she had already brought something from home, and now that she was alone with only a few (who are getting ready to leave for lunch as well), her eyes immediately darted to her phone where she couldn’t help a small sound from her lips. Seriously, this one was so dense! And she had been telling him why they approached. Hmph.


[ To: Rasheed

Hmmm... Is that so..? Really, I've been telling you that the girls and women that approached you didn't just want to get close to your friend or anything. They're interested in you. You aren't listening to me at all, you are? Hmph.

And yes, she was telling me you're getting quite a bit of attention. DamnyouandyourhandsomefaceRasheed..

Have you had lunch though? ]

Oh, she hated when she’s jealous. There’s no controlling her emotions at all.

Certainly on his end, due to it being lunch time the small coffeehouse started to get a little packed, making the tanned male turn up the volume of his music, making sure he block out any attention he could give to his surroundings, hoping to minimize the reasons or opportunities for them to approach him. Nonetheless he couldn’t help the small smile that quirked on his lips momentarily. He could practically hear your click of the tongue; it was no secret how he thought you were oddly beautiful when annoyed or angered. though since this felt more like irritation (judging by your words), he’d say it was more on the adorable side as it is.

[To: Dea
Hard to imagine, love. I mean, I'm pretty much like any bloke around here--if not lesser in appearances. Perhaps they're just fiddling because I'm sitting alone. I'm told its a rather.. sad thing to watch. 
But you do know I'm not even mildly interested if what your reasonings for their approach to me were true? Since my heart has already been stolen by you long ago. And I caught that haha. I can't beileve you can 'mumble' through text. I'm not at all handsome, love. Not at all. Unlike you, my goddess.
And no, not lunch yet. I'm taking it slow with my pot of tea. I don't feel much of an appetite. Its the irritation i suppose.
Can I come up and see you though? Just for a bit.. or something I..

I just need to hold you for a moment.. just a bit. If its not too much trouble.]



Work wasn’t all that much taxing today, as she just leisurely worked on some processing of data and reading up on news and reports, though it seemed that time was passing by a little slowly and her attention was caught at the vibration her phone made, indicating incoming message. Mm… A small tint of pink painted her cheeks when she read it, probably because she heard the certain birdie telling her her fiance who had been in his younger form was getting quite a bit of attention.


[ To: Rasheed

I missed you too. Work isn't very overwhelming, so I'm alright. I have some food with me for lunch though. But... mm..

I heard someone is getting quite a bit of attention today? ]

Oh, the jealousy was seeping already.

He had his earphones plugged in, seemingly that helps minimize quite a few of the approaches he’s gotten, if his glaring and unfriendly demeanor didn’t do that already. He really was puzzled. It wasn’t like he had Baranbas by his side anymore fo rthem to trick him into introducing to them or anything of the sort. and he’s wearing a ring for God’s sakes! This is where he felt the age gap for he noted how young women these days tend to be less shameless— even more so back in his day. Honestly. And people ask why he thought the world of his beloved. One of a kind she is.

Though with the vibration of his phone his silver glare directed there where he opened it, pausing for a moment before replying.

[To: Dea
Ah, that's good to hear. Be sure to eat them well, alright? I do wish I can come up and eat lunch with you.. It feels a little ... congested down here. But I'm glad to hear your work wasn't too much for the day..
And ah. I suppose that bit was told by a certain pesky rabbit? And I wouldn't call it attention. Not the positive type anyways-- but then attention itself I detest. The nerve of the some of them, really. For now it seems that I'm giving the staff more work with the declining but well.. I'm just puzzled as to why they're doing it. ]

Still a little dense, our scientist. Smart in all matters science but social skills— he’s a little dim. 

An exasperated sigh as he slumped himself back to the booth at the corner of the cafe he frequented; a daily routine he does when you are at work so he feels more comfortable knowing you’re nearby though today, especially with the week long temporary change back to his usual scarred self, the tanned male was now reverted physically to his late twenties self and along with it, his well known temperament. The small steady influx of approaches he’s been getting all day was not setting him to much of a mood and it made him want to see you more than ever.

A quick tap to his phone, typing out a message as he just needed to hear from you. just a little. 

Anything better than all these puzzling approaches by women that hardly have any regard that he’s wearing a ring on his left hand.

[To: Dea
I miss you.. feeling a little.. knotted today, just needed to hear how you were doing. Is work alright? Going for lunch soon?
From: Rasheed]


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