Rasheed Al-Ishyak
{ An independant Original Character Blog dedicated to a special Lady }

Ne quidem mors nos separabit
Tu mihi omnia es
Tantum te
Mea Dea.

A snuggle was definitely what he was granted in the morning as the tanned male found himself wide awake at the usual hour— having taking care of your lunch and your breakfast. It was a routine that seemed unbreakable by now and admittedly his utmost pleasure to be able to make you your first meal of the day and plus he wanted to make sure you’re energized at work and whatnot. And of course its always a pleasure to see you enjoy the food he makes— to him it was something akin to a great joy, watching the one he loves most enjoying or complimenting him on the things he make. 

And of course, what man wouldn’t be happy hearing their most beloved saying such grand things about their hard work and effort.

Though it seems as you slept a little later that usual (no thanks to his little mistress’ tardiness), he let you doze off a little more than usual, at least until he brought your breakfast upstairs to you and upon attempting to wake you up, you simply murmured his name in your sleep as a smile curved your lips and your head nuzzled to his hand that was stroking your hair in coax to wake you. And seeing such an adorable display, the tanned male couldn’t help glancing to the time, noting that there was still a few more minutes to spare and with a wagging tail, the scientist succumbed to temptation as he crawled back in bed, nuzzling to your chest in a purring sound, one that earned a smile to your lips as your hands instinctively wrapped around his head, pulling him closer in hear of your heartbeat whilst your legs curled around him, not that he minded as he did the same— curling his larger for to you in a momentary succumb to comfort.

Really.. could a man ask for anything more than this? After all, a little indulgence wouldn’t hurt, now would it? He wanted it to last for just a little while longer..

Just a little while longer till he has to share you with the world once more.

Ah.. if only he could hold you like this forever— just you and him.. just like this.

Just like this.