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Ne quidem mors nos separabit
Tu mihi omnia es
Tantum te
Mea Dea.

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chicken and waffle sandwich


Waffle Sandwich #2 Bacon and Egg

Created by Chef Collin Cormier.

Day Log: 2112 Hours

He was already in the living room at this point— and though the television was turned on and the pups were all fixated on the show that was going on, it seemed that the scientist had his attention elsewhere. The mild, repeated tapping on his foot and his fingers that intertwined with his own flinch in a squeeze ever so often and no to mention his silver eyes that were glued to the sliding door window— facing the porch in obvious impatience. It’s been two days in total— a huge sum if you ask him since you left for your impromptu overseas work trip and it definitely has his heart all hollow ever since he dropped you off at the airport. 

It was one thing that he could hardly hold himself together without you— no doubt the last few nights has been a restless one for him, waking up in fast paced breathing and alarm; a frequent whenever you weren’t by his side. It had always have him uneasy to say the least and to know that this time’s conditions of your leave was less than justifiable had him even more impatient to have you home. How he could only imagine your emotional and physical fatigue— and his mind wandered ever so often to your health— whether you got your rest or are they pushing you too hard— did you eat your lunch, dinner. One might call him a worry wart, no doubt but if you have only one person in this world you treasure your life with— that you knew you could never find your way back on your feet if anything were to happen to them and for someone like him who knows that there was no one else that can fill that gap other than you—

Surely he knew, anyone would be as worried over this as he would. After all— you are his wife. It is but a prerequisite as your husband for him to worry to such an extent.

The young wolf did note the alpha male’s jarring impatience though— one that had his scarlet eyes glancing to the man ever so often, seeing how he was sighing for god knows how many times already, surely understanding the reason why.

How after all those nights of no sleep and such solemn tones and smiles he’s been trying to put on his features, it was to no surprise to know how much he wanted to see you— to hold and feel you in his arms again.

It has never been a secret how much his heart yearned for your presence whenever it was forced from yours— no matter how small the time in between.

Quietly, he came to the floor from the sofa, treading carefully on his paws to the other side of the couch where the scientist was, avoiding the puppies that were fascinated with the screen’s flickering and distant conversations, making sure he didn’t disturb their leisure hour. The tanned male himself didn’t notice the midnight furred canine approaching him as no doubt his mind was just muddled with questions and anxiousness— counting down every minute to its final second to when he can see you. His finger quietly toying with the silver band that sat at the base of his fourth finger, no doubt giving away where all his yearnful thoughts were pouring into. 

It wasn’t until the caning laid on its stomach on the marble floor and laid his large head on his thigh— whining in a slight garner for attention and the poke with its nose had the scientist flinch a little— shaken out of his worry reverie for a small moment. Starlit silver irises turned, lifting his elbows in slight compliance before noting the young wolf was settling his head a little more comfortably on his lap, simply staying there as his tail swished left and right— no doubt making his message clear in advice for the tanned male to not worry too much. That he was sure you’ll be home soon. A small reassurance for the man in hopes to have the other a little more calm in wait for your return.

The tanned male paused, no doubt, as though digesting the silent message before his lips softly curved in a soft, tired smile. His large hand softly came to pat and stroke the canine’s soft furry head, smoothing the silky raven tint to his fur, earning a small happy whine from the young wolf and eyes shut in bliss, no doubt can’t helping the slip of emotions now that he was in his original form as opposed to his stoic humanoid one. “Thank you, old friend..” A gentle tone left the scientist’s lips, rewarding the other with a gentle scratch to the back of his ear before repeating the tender pat with a smile. “…Just.. a little anxious is all…” his voice soften as he turned his eyes to  the outdoors once more, his tone speaks true of his yearn to see you once more; to know that he’ll be able to hold you tonight made him pray for that moment to come faster. ”Just… can’t wait to see her again… I miss her..” 

”-…so much..”

Send down the goosebumps
and ski your fingers through them,
dance your lips on me.


(via かわいすぎるネコがつぶらな瞳で見つめてくる「初恋にゃんこパフェ」を食べてきた - ライブドアニュース)


Lemon pancakes with raspberries


I was one of three lucky guinea pigs, for the taste testing of three waffle sandwiches created by Chef Collin Cormier in his kitchen Saturday morning.

The first is filled with prosciutto, baby arugula and fig preserve.


By Guido Alexander Waldenmeier