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Ne quidem mors nos separabit
Tu mihi omnia es
Tantum te
Mea Dea.

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Belgian Groenendael (credit)


As evening finally came to the hour at hand, the tanned male was delighted to escort you home as he usually does— though beside the obvious fact how he was granted the time of the day with you once more, it was also to the fact of how he was rather excited to show you what was to be the second part of his gift for the special day. He could tell you were tired, but it was nice to see how your smile stayed in tact as you showed him the snap shots of the desserts you were treated with in lunch time, courtesy of one of your respected upperclassman whom he knew has been looking out for you and to no surprise, he indulged you with not just one but several of your favorite desserts, no doubt in occasion of what today is to you. He couldn’t help his chuckle as he pulled you close to him as you both sat in the car and lips pressed to your temple in a smile, whispering how he’s glad your day is going great so far—

And how he was secretly hoping that with the gift before the night ends would have you end your birthday on a special note still.

As you both got home and he accompanied you to spend your dinner time with your parents, patiently waiting though you did notice how he had his gaze on you through the night, one that oozed of tenderness and that gentleness he always seemed to drown you with, occasionally having your eyes met to him and catching him doing so had you smile, no doubt making your heart skipping a beat or two. He couldn’t help it after all— to see you this happy and smiling as he felt you should. after all, he felt a smile was what belonged most on your features, and certainly it was none other than that that had his heart hooked and before he knew it, two years and counting, he was chasing this smile and protecting it with all his might—

A bewitchment at its best it seems.

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"Mom, dad, this cape is boring."
“Well, Fawkes, capes give you magical powers.”
“Oh yeah? Like what!”
“The power of flight!!”



Waffles has decided to raise ONE ear!


This guy just made my Monday suck less! :)



Eight-week-old Gray wolf pup has the hiccups


Fluffy bunch of cute Caucasian Ovcharka puppies. Look out here we come!!

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By Jim Brandenburg


Nutella and Bacon Stuffed French Toast | Domesticate Me

Tender this heart beats,
oh but how fiercely it fights
for all that it loves.